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(mit J. Lemvig) System bandwidth and the existence of generalized shift-invariant frames
(Preprint version im arXiv)

(mit B. Currey, V. Oussa) A classification of continuous wavelet transforms in dimension three
(Preprint version im arXiv)

(mit J. Cheshmavar) A classification of anisotropic Besov spaces
(Preprint-Version im arXiv)

(mit K. Gröchenig, A. Haimi, A. Klotz, J.L. Romero) Density of sampling and interpolation in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
(Preprint-Version im arXiv)

(mit G. Alberti, S. Dahlke, F. De Mari, E. De Vito) Recent progress in shearlet theory: Construction of shearlet dilation groups, characterization of wavefront sets, and new embeddings
(Preprint-Version im arXiv)

(mit Y. Maus) Wavelet Riesz bases associated to nonisotropic dilations
(Preprint-Version im arXiv)

(mit J. Xian) Relevant sampling in finitely generated shift-invariant spaces
(Preprint-Version im arXiv)

(mit R. Raisi-Tousi) Simplified vanishing moment criteria for wavelets over general dilation groups, with applications to abelian and shearlet dilation groups
(Preprint-Version im arXiv)

Artikel in Zeitschriften

(mit H. Feichtinger, I. Pesenson) Geometric space-frequency analysis on manifolds
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 22 1294-1355 (2016)

(mit J. Fell, F. Voigtlaender) Resolution of the wavefront set using general continuous wavelet transforms
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 22 997-1058 (2016)

(mit J. Xian) Maximal discrepancy for multiply generated shift-invariant spaces
Archiv der Mathematik 106 145-153 (2016)

Vanishing moment conditions for wavelet atoms in higher dimensions
Advances in Computational Mathematics 42 127-153 (2016)

(mit B. Currey, K. Taylor) Integrable wavelet transforms with abelian dilation groups
Journal of Lie Theory 26 567-596 (2016)

Coorbit spaces and wavelet coefficient decay over general dilation groups
Transactions of the AMS 367 7373-7401 (2015)

(mit Z. Rzeszotnik) On biunimodular vectors for unitary matrices
Linear Algebra and its Applications 484, 86-129 (2015)

(mit F. Voigtlaender) Wavelet coorbit spaces viewed as decomposition spaces
Journal of Functional Analysis 269, 80-154 (2015)

(mit J. Bruna, J. Cufí, M. Miró) Characterizing abelian admissible groups
Journal of Geometric Analysis, 25, 1045-1074 (2015)

(mit J. Lehmann, P. Tellers, H. Wagner) Estimating characteristic phase and delay from broadband ITD tuning curves.
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 38, 143-166 (2015)

(mit J. Xian) Quantifying invariance properties of shift-invariant spaces.
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 36, 514-521 (2014)

(mit T. Goeckel, G. Lakemeyer, H. Wagner) Side peak suppression in responses to an across-frequency integration model to stimuli of varying bandwidth as demonstrated analytically and by implementation
Journal of Computational Neuroscience 36, 1-17 (2014)

(mit I. Pesenson) Poincare and Plancherel-Polya inequalities in harmonic analysis on weighted combinatorial graphs
SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics 27, 2007-2028 (2013)

(mit R. Duits, B. Janssen, M. Bruurmijn, L. Florack, H. von Assen) Evolution equations on Gabor transforms and their applications
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 35, 483-526 (2013)

(mit T. Aach) Shift Variance, Cyclostationarity and Expected Shift Variance in Multirate LPSV Filter Banks with Random Input Signals
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 60, 5125-5134 (2012)

(mit A. Mayeli) Homogeneous Besov spaces on stratified Lie groups and their wavelet characterization
Journal of Function Spaces and Applications, Article ID 523586 (2012)

(mit J. Emonds) Strictly positive definite functions on compact abelian groups
Proceeding of the AMS 139, 1105-1113 (2011)

Generalized Calderón conditions and regular orbit spaces
Colloquium Mathematicum 120, 103-126 (2010)

Paley-Wiener estimates for the Heisenberg group
Mathematische Nachrichten 283, 200-214 (2010)

(mit T. Aach) On bounds of shift variance in multirate filter banks
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 57, 4292-4303 (2009)

Painless Gabor expansions on homogeneous manifolds
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 29, 200-211 (2009)

Simultaneous estimates for vector-valued Gabor frames of Hermite functions
Advances in Computational Mathematics 29, 357-373 (2008)

(mit L. Demaret, F. Friedrich, K. Wicker) Efficient moment computation over polygonal domains with an application to rapid wedgelet approximation
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 29, 842-863 (2007)

(mit K. Gröchenig) Sampling theorems on locally compact groups from oscillation estimates
Mathematische Zeitschrift 255, 177-194 (2007)

(mit H.G. Feichtinger, K. Gröchenig, N. Kaiblinger) Operators commuting with a discrete subgroup of translations  
Journal of Geometric Analysis 16, 53-67 (2006)

Hausdorff-Young inequalities for group extensions
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 49, 549-560 (2006)

(mit M. Wild) Characterizing wavelet coefficient decay of discrete-time signals
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 20, 184-201 (2006)

The weak Paley-Wiener property for group extensions
Journal of Lie Theory 15, 429–446 (2005)

(mit O. Treiber, F. Wanninger, W. Panzer, D. Regulla, G. Winkler)  An adaptive algorithm for the detection of microcalcifications in simulated low-dose mammography
Physics in Medicine and Biology 48, 449–466 (2003)

(mit S.T. Ali, A. Krasowska) Plancherel inversion as unified approach to wavelet transforms and Wigner functions
Annales Henri Poincaré 4, 1015–1050 (2003)

Admissible vectors for the regular representation
Proceedings of the AMS 130  2959–2970 (2002)

(mit M. Mayer) Continuous wavelet transforms from semidirect products: Cyclic representations and Plancherel measure
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 8, 375–398 (2002)

Continuous wavelet transforms from semidirect products
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Continuous wavelet transforms with abelian dilation groups
Journal of Mathematical Physics 39, 3974–3986 (1998).

(mit W. Roelcke) Contributions to the theory of boundedness in uniform spaces and topological groups
Note di Matematica 16, 189–226 (1996)

Wavelet frames and admissibility in higher dimensions 
Journal of Mathematical Physics 37, 6353–6366 (1996)

Artikel in Konferenzbänden, Buchkapitel

Continuous diffusion wavelet transforms and scale spaces over Euclidean spaces and noncommutative Lie groups
Kapitel 7 in Luc Florack (eds.) Mathematical Methods for Signal and Image Analysis and Representation (Springer Verlag, 2012)

(mit R. Duits, B. Janssen) Left invariant evolution equations on Gabor transforms
Kapitel 8 in Luc Florack (eds.) Mathematical Methods for Signal and Image Analysis and Representation (Springer Verlag, 2012)

(mit  T. Aach) Shift Variance, Cyclostationarity and Expected Shift Variance in Multirate LPSV Systems
in 2011 IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP) (SSP'11)

(mit  D. Friedrich, X. Aubert, A. Brauers) Heart rate estimation on a beat-to-beat basis via ballistocardiography: a hybrid approach
Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. 1:4048-51 (2010)

(mit L. Demaret, F. Friedrich)  Beyond wavelets: New image representation paradigms
Chapter 7 in M. Barni (ed.): Document and Image Compression. (CRC Press, 2006)

(mit L. Demaret, F. Friedrich, T. Szygowski) Multiscale wedgelet denoising algorithms
Proceedings of the SPIE 5914, 59140X (2005).

Admissible vectors and traces on the commuting algebra
Institute of Physics Conference Series 173, 867–874 (2003)

(mit O.Treiber, F. Wanninger) Cluster-oriented detection of microcalcifications in simulated low-dose mammography
Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin, 96–100 (2003)

Plancherel transform criteria for Weyl-Heisenberg frames with integer oversampling
Wavelets and their applications (Chennai), 141–150 (2003)

(mit W.-L. Hwang, B. Torrésani) Shape from texture using continuous wavelet transform
 Proceedings of the SPIE 4119, 93–107 (2000)


Abstract harmonic analysis of continuous wavelet transforms
Lecture notes in mathematics 1863 (Springer Verlag, 2005)
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