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Calculus and Linear Algebra, WS 2007

Welcome to the webpage of the course »Calculus and Linear Algebra for Biomedical Engineering « in WS 2007.

Final Exam

The results of the final exam are available upon request.
The corrected exams can be inspected on Tuesday, March 25, in Room 1810|012 (Seminargebäde), between 10:00 and 11:00.

The answers to the worksheets are available in hard copy. Please contact Dirk Meierling.

First year students are automatically registered for the final exam. For deregistration, send a short email containing your student ID number, to, before March 8. Not showing up for reasons other than deregistration and/or health reasons will be considered as failing the exam .
Students from higher semesters are required to register (by the same procedure as deregistration for first year students).

The final exam will take place on Friday, March 14, in Room 1820|202 (Eilfschornstraße 15), starting at 9:30 am. The scheduled time for the exam is two hours.
Each student is allowed to bring two A4 sheets of handwritten notes for use in the exam. No further material is allowed. Please use a pen or ballpoint pen for writing (no red color).
You will be required to show a valid ID or passport, and a current confirmation of enrolment.

Current events

A copy of the quiz conducted on Thursday, Jan. 17, can be found here . A version with answers and performance statistics can be found here .

A copy of the little quiz conducted on Thursday, Nov. 15, can be found here . A version with answers and performance statistics can be found here .

Part 2 of the script is now available in hardcopy at the main office of Lehrstuhl A.

Thursday, November 1, is a holiday. You can submit your homework on Friday, November 2, in Dirk Meierling's office, SG 21.

First lecture: Thursday, October 18, 2007.

Structure of the course

The course consists of lectures and exercise sessions. The lectures present the various topics in a theoretical manner, together with examples illustrating the theory.
More examples are treated in the exercise sessions and on the worksheets. The students are encouraged to submit their solutions to the worksheets for grading. The usual submission deadline is Thursdays, before the lecture. The chief purpose of the grading is to provide feedback, no credits can be earned by submitting the solutions.
Besides the lectures and exercise sessions, we offer additional tutoring sessions.

Weekly schedule

Time Time Room
Lecture Mondays, 14:15–15:45 1270|109 (EA)
Tutoring (D. Meierling, G. Tschöp) Tuesdays, 13:30–15:00 SG 23
Lecture Thursdays, 11:45–12:30 SG 23
Exercise Session (D. Meierling) Thursdays, 12:30–13:15 SG 23

Course material

The course material consists of a script, slides of the lectures, and worksheets. The script is made available in hardcopy to the students, the slides and worksheets can be downloaded from this website. The script contains the topics covered in the lectures, and additional material that we strongly recommend you to read. This additional material will occasionally be treated in the worksheets.


Topic(s) Slides
Week 0 Mathematical basics: Sets, numbers, etc. pdf-file
Week 1 Complex numbers and trigonometric functions pdf-file
Week 2 Linear algebra and analytic geometry pdf-file
Week 3 Matrices, linear systems of equations and the Gauss algorithm pdf-file
Week 4 Sequences, series and their limits pdf-file
Week 5 Functions and graphs pdf-file
Week 6 Continuous functions and their properties pdf-file
Week 7 Differentiable functions and their properties pdf-file
Week 8 Applications of differential calculus: Extreme values, qualitative analysis of functions pdf-file
Week 9 Power series and the exponential function pdf-file
Week 10 The Riemann integral and its properties pdf-file
Week 11 Integration techniques: How to compute integrals pdf-file
Week 12 Generalizations of the Riemann integral pdf-file
Week 13 Review of selected topics pdf-file


Submitted solutions to worksheets are graded. The grading is solely for information purposes.

PDF file Postscript file
Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2 Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3 Worksheet 3
Worksheet 4 Worksheet 4
Worksheet 5 Worksheet 5
Worksheet 6 Worksheet 6
Worksheet 7 Worksheet 7
Worksheet 8 Worksheet 8
Worksheet 9 Worksheet 9
Worksheet 10 Worksheet 10
Worksheet 11 Worksheet 11
Worksheet 12 Worksheet 12
Worksheet 13 Worksheet 13


We encourage you to contact us during office hours (see below).

Dipl.-Math. Dirk Meierling

Office Telephone Email Office hours
Seminargebäude, Raum 21 80-95086 Wednesdays, 16:00-18:00

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Führ

Office Telephone Email Office hours
Schinkelstraße 4, Raum 38 80-94527 Thursdays, 13:30–14:30
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